Solar Revolution is here

Transforming the world through community-powered solar

Glow is on a mission to power the planet with 100% renewable energy. Every individual, no matter how small, can participate meaningfully in the mission.

Every contribution to Glow fuels and motivates solar farms to slash CO2 emissions, and earns you Impact Points to measure the positive change.

1 Ton of CO2 eliminated

With each Carbon Credit contributed.

20x impact multiplier

Every $1 powers $20
worth of solar projects.

60% of world’s population

Need financial help to migrate to solar.




Glow enables the creation and operation of solar farms, particularly in areas where it would not be profitable without incentives.

Your contribution drives solar farm incentives and help create a cleaner, sustainable future while elevating your brand's sustainability presence.

With partners like WattTime, we track solar panels' real-time interactions with the grid to calculate precise carbon offsets. You'll see the impact in real numbers.

Global solar expansion

Your support enables the creation and operation of solar farms in critical regions, driving global transition to solar energy.

Sustainable branding

Showcase your Glow Badge as a testament to your commitment to a sustainable future, and attract eco-conscious customers.

Glow's driving a secure, scientific and transparent energy transformation.

Solar Farm Verification

An auditor visits each solar farm to verify panel existence, Glow’s quality standards compliance, and electricity production as claimed.

Energy Analysis

Glow uses third party data providers such as WattTime to measure the true carbon impact of the electricity produced by each solar panel.


Carbon credits get minted, where their status, ownership, and history can be transparently verified by anyone in the world.

Glow community working  together to build more sustainable energy grid for a brighter future for Earth and the people living on it.

Did you know?

If every person globally committed just $5 per month, we could revolutionize the world's energy landscape, migrating the entire planet to solar power in under two years. Such is the magnitude of collective action.

A global movement

United by our vision for a green-powered world, every contributor and solar advocate fuels our collective impact. Together, we're shaping a sustainable legacy, harnessing the sun's power.

David Vorick
Chief Executive Officer
10 years in company operations. Founded a hardware company with $20M+ annual revenue. Specializes in economics and game theory.
Simon Boccara
Fullstack Engineer
Background in finance and math, specializing in code optimizations. Developed financial products with over $50M in transactions.
Chris Denaro
Chief of Staff
Fatima Khaziyeva
Compliance & Ops
Julien Tremblay
Frontend Engineer
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